Slate is packed full of features for building awesome web things.

Super Quick Start


If this is a new project without an asset pipeline, this is what you want. Learn more about the engine here.

$ git clone


Working with Gulp/Grunt, Laravel, .Net Core, Ruby etc? This is what you want. Learn more about the core here.

$ yarn add slatecore

Unless you like default settings, you probably want Slate Config in your project.

Sass Core Configuration

Slate is a Swiss army knife. Build anything. Build it fast. Learn how to make it adapt to your workflow right here.

Using Forms

Slate contains a number of mixin's to help you very quickly build out html forms, complete with validation states using either classes or native HTML5 validation.

Using the Grid System

One grid to rule them all. Slates grid system is really powerful and adaptable to any design you can dream up. Coding complex layouts has never been easier.

Using Typography

Good typography is one thing often overlooked on a lot of websites. Don't let your next build make the same mistake.

Using Helper Mixins

Small mixins that can accomplish great things like help you embed videos responsively, use custom fonts, and calculate REM units like a boss.

Built with the Best

Slate was built by Hash&Salt, a company who loves building for the internet. Using the very best in industry leading software and practices honed over the last 20 years in the industry. You're in good hands.