Using Helper Mixins

Small mixins that can accomplish great things like help you embed videos responsively, use custom fonts, and calculate REM units like a boss.

Embedded Media

Embed videos, iFrames, and Objects and Embed elements responsively.

Using Media Queries

Use a simple short hand for setting responsive media queries, making your code a little more readable.

Using REM Calculator

No need for a calculator. Feed this mixin a pixel value and it will spit out rem units with a fallback.

Using Gradients

Gradients can be a real pain. Slate comes with seven mixins for common gradients for quickly adding to your elements.

Using SVG

Use SVG Icons directly in your stylesheet without using URIS and recolour on demand with with variables.

Built with the Best

Slate was built by Hash&Salt, a company who loves building for the internet. Using the very best in industry leading software and practices honed over the last 20 years in the industry. You're in good hands.