Using Forms

Slate contains a number of mixin's to help you very quickly build out html forms, complete with validation states using either classes or native HTML5 validation.

Basic Form Usage

Forms. We all hate them. With just a few lines you can have your self a very nice form with barely any effort at all.

Advanced Usage

Go off the wall and make custom forms while leaning on Slates variables to help out. Version 6 brings even more super powers with a completly refactored form engine.

Using the Validation Mixin

Get consistent validation states across all your forms the easy way.

Using the Button mixin

The hardest button to button. Not any more! Make consistent buttons, no matter what element you chose.

Built with the Best

Slate was built by Hash&Salt, a company who loves building for the internet. Using the very best in industry leading software and practices honed over the last 20 years in the industry. You're in good hands.