Sass Core Configuration

Slate is a Swiss army knife. Build anything. Build it fast. Learn how to make it adapt to your workflow right here.

Configuring Colors

Slate has a set of colour variables ready to go that control all of its features. You can quickly change the look of a site by changing and adding to these variables.

Configuring Grid System

On grid to rule them all. Slates Grid system is powerful and flexible enough to build just about anything.

Configuring Font Stacks

A collection of pre-defined font stacks, all setup so you don't have to.

Configuring Ratios

Common mathematical ratios of use with the modular type engine or in your mixins.

Configuring Tables

HTML tables can be fiddly to skin. In combination with the table mixin, these config variables make this job a breeze.

Configuring Buttons

Buttons are a tried and tested way to enable users to get around your site and make decisions. Learn how to control them right here.

Configuring Forms

Go beyond the defaults and make forms work they way you want them to. Learn how to setup the globals with this guide.

Built with the Best

Slate was built by Hash&Salt, a company who loves building for the internet. Using the very best in industry leading software and practices honed over the last 20 years in the industry. You're in good hands.