Configuring Ratios

Common mathematical ratios of use with the modular type engine or in your mixins.

Need to use a font ratio for something mathematical and clever? Look no further! You can also use these with the modular typography engine, which is explained here.

$minor-second: 1.067;
$major-second: 1.125;
$minor-third: 1.2;
$major-third: 1.25;
$perfect-fourth: 1.333;
$augmented-fourth: 1.414;
$perfect-fifth: 1.5;
$minor-sixth: 1.6;
$golden-section: 1.618;
$major-sixth: 1.667;
$minor-seventh: 1.778;
$major-seventh: 1.875;
$octave: 2;
$major-tenth: 2.5;
$major-eleventh: 2.667;
$major-twelfth: 3;
$double-octave: 4;

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