Working with JavaScript

Easily work with external dependencies whilst keeping your own code modular and tidy.

Slate is setup to work with modular Javascript by using require to pull in local files or dependencies via NPM.

The example below is the JavaScript for this website. As you can see, the site is using dependencies from the node_modules folder, one local module located in ./modules/global.js, as well some code just written straight in the file. The above will get bundled with Webpack into a single file. Running yarn production will result in minified code being generated.

// Node Modules
window.$ = window.jQuery = require('jquery');
// Modules

$(function() {
  // Feature Boxes
  // Mobile Select Menu
  $(function() {
    // bind change event to select
    $('.addon-button').click(function() {
      var url = $('.addon-field').val(); // get selected value
      if (url) { // require a URL
        window.location = url; // redirect
      return false;

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