Deploying your site

Deploying sites can be a pain with FTP. Slate contains a bash script to help you push new changes up fast and accurately.

You can use the bashscript included with Slate to test deploys and actually do them to both a live server, and a staging server. For it to work, you may need to make it executable. To do this, head to the project root and run the following command:

$ chmod +x

Secondly, you need to configure the bashscript to work with your folder structure and server paths. Open up There are six lines similar to this one that need to be ammended:

./public/ USER@

Once ammended, this will push files from ./public/ relative to your project root, and in the case of the content sync command, it will pull down from the server in the opposite direction.

Running a deploy

To test the files that will get deployed without actually deploying them, you can run either yarn deploy:staging:sim or deploy:live:sim. This will output the intended transfer in your terminal window.

Once your happy with the output, you can perform the deploy for real with yarn deploy:staging or deploy:live.

Deploy command reference

Command Result
deploy:live:sim Simulates a live deploy. No files transferred, report displayed in console.
deploy:live Performs a live deploy.
deploy:staging:sim Simulates a staging deploy. No files transferred, report in console.
deploy:staging Performs a staging deploy.
content:sync:sim Simulates syncing content down from live into your local copy. Useful for flat file CMS systems.
content:sync Syncs content down from live into your local copy. Useful for flat file CMS systems.

Built with the Best

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